land acknowledgement

Land acknowledgements are one aspect of broader actions of truth and reconciliation. My work and studies take place on the traditional territory of the Tla’amin Nation, within the qathet Regional District. The name qathet means ‘working together’ in ʔayʔaǰuθəm.

The Tla’amin Nation have been the stewards of this land since time immemorial and it is through their good stewardship that we all have a place to call home. I acknowledge Indigenous sovereignty, land and food rights, and human rights. As a white 4th generation settler of European descent and an emerging social work practitioner, I am part of a culture and professions with historical and contemporary complicity in the state’s colonial project to perpetuate unequal access to resources, supports, and human rights; this comes with responsibilities to address and take action toward truth, reconciliation, and decolonization at the individual, community, and state level. As a guest in this territory (and in any territory that I live within), I commit to my responsibilities that include learning about history, protocols and treaty rights and responsibilities, listening and cultivating right relationships, and taking action from a place of thoughtful reflection and cultural humility (Koleszar-Green, 2018).

A note: In 2021, the Tla’amin Nation requested the City currently known as Pxwell River complete a name change process as the current name represents the history of cultural genocide; this request is in process. In solidarity, I use the following terms: qathet Regional District or qRD to indicate the region, City when referring to the City currently known as City of Pxwell River and ‘Pxwll’ instead of ‘Powell’.

Koleszar-Green, R. (2018). What is a Guest? What is a Settler?. Cultural and Pedagogical  Inquiry, 10(2), 166-177.

qʷɛqʷɛyqʷɛy (Qweh qwee qwey)

Meaning: Little Sandy Beach. Also known as​
Gibsons Beach.
qathet Regional District

A photo of qʷɛqʷɛyqʷɛy (Qweh qwee qwey). The beach has dark grey and black pebbles and larger rocks with a rock breakwater extending into the ocean that is shimmering with tiny waves.

In the distance, is ʔagayqsən
(Ah gyk sun) 
​(meaning: pointed nose). Also known as Harwood Island.

Light blue sky with soft clouds stretched across the horizon.