heart of the matter

This is the time to dive deep into the heart of the matter.

As we move through this seasonal change, what does this Autumn offer?
Nature begins to prepare for winter by sweeping away what is unnecessary – the leaves turn and fall, the gardens move to winter mode, the rains wash away the dust of summer – and what of us?

What does this season ask of me?
What messages does it hold?
What practices do I need to integrate into my daily rhythm of life to support and nourish me throughout this season?

I hear a few things so far…

An invitation to be vulnerable, flawed, authentic, and be okay with it. Really okay with it. Really.
An invitation to let it (whatever it is for me right now) drop into the earth to become compost for the next growing season
(I think I know what it is and I will write about it soon).
Listen deeply and hear the space within: don’t move to quickly fill the space and silence.
Slow down.

From those in my life, these are the gems that resonate…

 We are stressed out, tired, achy, surviving the daily grind, holding ourselves together, overwhelmed, grieving without a sacred space to truly grieve…

We are bursting with creative, soulful energy, making deep and sustainable commitments to self, others, and the earth, simplifying to be transformed, offering warmth, space, and comfort to where it is needed.

I need to rest. I need to step just one step further into this fire. I need to trust.
We are building what we need.
We are holding it all, at the same time.

Take good care,

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