Simple, real, and kind.

I was asked, in my capacity at local yoga teacher / Nourish Manager  to write a piece about Yoga for Wellness for the Powell River Peak‘s Live Well magazine and I  wanted to share some of it here.

Keep it simple, keep it real and keep it kind

With its roots primarily in ancient India, yoga is a holistic system of health and wellness, a method for self-inquiry and self-care, and is rooted in the practices of kindness and mindfulness.

Whatever your current quality of life, stress levels or lifestyle, yoga can support your individual journey of wellness and complement your existing health regime and relationships with health/medical practitioners.

You do not need to be flexible. You do not need to be in good health. You can be from any spiritual tradition, or from none at all.

Yoga is for everybody. Bring your curious attitude and a willingness to simply begin.

Pick up a copy around Powell River or read more here.

untitled-5137_jpg copyPhoto Credit: Jennifer Dodd / Nourish Yoga & Wellness Studio

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