heart breath

how is your heart? how is your breath? *
you — you are loved. you belong. we are in this together. thank you.
as we move into a new year, here is my hope: may i realize intentions that align me with my highest good, commit to myself with fiery devotion and trust, take slow and mindful actions required to manifest my visions, and nourish myself, others and the earth.
may i honour my place in this community of care and actively acknowledge the cycles of reciprocity, oppression, and responsibility that allow me to be here, now.  and listen. and take steps within reconciliation.

may i share my vulnerabilities, power, and courage, uplift and be uplifted, and give and receive encouragement and forgiveness, grit and gumption, love and belonging… again and again. and also to celebrate. delight in and with. be heart deep in sorrow. and reach out.

may i falter and fail and fear, stumble, swim and yin down and yeah… dance… dance a whole lot. may i be held accountable and held with love.

what is your hope? who will support you? what needs to be cleared away? what is the next step in the right direction? **

* important questions offered by poet nayyirah waheed.
** Bo Forbes: Stuck in a Rut


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