winter cool down

dear friends,

this winter time offers us a cool down, a slow down, a shake down… an invitation to turn inward and soften into a reflective exploration of the past year’s offerings… to sift through and churn up and lay to rest treasures and trials… and to let it be, just as it is, for a while…

and for you, friend, whatever arises, may you draw on your own unique ways of being to guide you through… may you feel held and supported by your own heart and the hearts of those around you… may you honour and be oh so generous with yourself and others in this time of great celebration and great sorrow…

this year has been a difficult one for me and as i look back with heartbreak and tears, i also call in as much curiosity, generosity, and presence as i can muster…with the knowledge that we are all in this together… thank you for your kind words, presence and care throughout the years and in this year in particular .

Be gentle with that tender heart of yours.

It may be holding a years worth of grief inside it.

Be caring with all those parts of you that feel life’s tender moments, childhood pains and unmet emotions.

Take yourself out into the gathering light and breathe a bright ember into the very centre of you, into your hearts red soft middle, holding yourself in love and warmth.

Wake your heart slowly, allowing it all to be felt, allowing yourself to create space in which to rest and to breathe.

Let the coming light light up your bones and remind you of the gold that is held deep within you. ‘

Brigit Anna McNeill

see you on the mat,

P.S Winter Classes: I am on the mend and wondering if there is interest in a soft slow flow yin class on Tuesdays from January 15 – February 5th? I have Tuesday morning available and was thinking about 9:30-10:30 but could be flexible with the timing and the dates. Let me know your thoughts? IMG_0939

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