hello friends

Welcome to heart as home : a soft place to land, a quiet place to rest, a gentle place to be.

I have missed you. I would love to stay in touch. So, about one to three times per month, this space will be filled with updates (including shop updates!), poems and pics, and mutual aid and community care ideas.

heart as home began in 2013 – and has been the home of my art & craft, movement and meditation, and community care projects ever since. As you may known, due to the impacts of a car accident, I continue my unanticipated sabbatical from my movement practices. I just finished my Magisteriate in Social Work. I am resting. As a generative creative project, I have created a little online print-on-demand shop where you can check out my original designs on on apparel, home decor, and more (more on their way, slow and steady).

As usual, my offerings are intended to brighten your spirit, soothe your soul, and lighten your load.

New: the Superbear Collection!
Superbears are adorable, inspiring, and want to share their loving messages with you. While the original bears have found their way to their forever homes, you can enjoy these adorable creatures on all kinds of beautiful and useful items. Mugs, bags, cards, magnets, stickers, apparel, blankets, and much more.
Photos and links to shop. All proceeds to Fred’s GoFundMe.

Community care
We know there is power in the collective. A little bit from a lot of us goes a long way. Community care and mutual aid is one of the answers to our current struggles and to our intentions to nurture safer, healthier, and more compassionate communities and relationships. Of course, this is a vast topic to be explored further, another time.

Did you know: If every heart as home follower had the means to offer $5 today to each of the requests below, each person in need would receive over $1000? There is no pressure here. Please read, share, amplify and donate, however you feel called.

Fred’s GoFundMe: All proceeds from the SuperBear collection go to Fred. Direct donations always welcome. Fred is my long distance care partner, who is in a critical health time and needs ongoing support.

Davina’s GoFundMe: Direct donations to Davina will be put towards navigating health concerns. Davina lives in qathet Regional District and needs immediate support.

Listen to Poetry Unbound – this features an immersive exploration of a single poem, guided by Pádraig Ó Tuama. *Swoon*

I love to hear from you. Reach out anytime.




Photo credit: Friend with Mug (S.M) and Friend with Sticker (Lorena Valentinal Leal, amazing fibre artist on FB)