this is a bit of a dream

Friends, I have some lovely news to share with you.

Last fall, I was invited to be part of a wonderful project and a team of awesome folks. The project is one that captured my heart and imagination. The team is so dedicated and passionate about health, wellness, and soulful work. The work is in alignment with my heart’s deepest longings.

So happy to announce the opening of  nourish yoga and wellness studio and
T-Fit Training Centre in Powell River.

Originally T-Fit yoga and fitness studio, Terri Cramb (the owner) had a vision to separate the spaces and allow each studio’s unique character and feel to emerge. And it has.

nourish is a gentle space… focused on yoga, dance, and gentle movement practices. We are held in its embrace by a long wall of windows and flowing curtains, high bright walls that reach up toward warm cedar beams. Our little reading library is part of our tea lounge, featuring local tea and local art. Our studio is spacious and inviting. The teachers are passionate, skilled, and bring a variety of traditions, perspectives, and class types.

This is truly a space of transformation. Of healing. Of community.
And I am so honoured to teach and work there.

And the Training Centre is pretty great too. Energetic, friendly instructors teaching fantastic classes like cycling and pilates.

It is pretty dreamy to work with like-minded friends and community members to dream and vision and co-create this space in our town. I am so grateful to my many teachers, students, and colleagues who share time, space, and energy with me on this path of yogic grace and love.

And here is some of the juiciness of it for me …

* This work is a way for me to more fully awaken and to become aware of some of the unskilled parts of myself. I love that and it is hard. Shining the light of awareness onto my inner workings. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with it all. But I hold myself with compassion and then things seem to ease up a little. I slip up, I fall, and I spin out.. and then I come back to the breath, this body, and our basic goodness within as my anchor.

*Wow! This work has also been a way to check in with my remission process and remain committed to my own wellness. There is always one more thing to do, one more email to send, one more facebook post to make. So, I am continually reminded to find steadiness and ease. To hold myself with kindness. To state my boundaries and limits and then stay committed to them when I can. With reverence, I offer my body and heart the rest, silence, and stillness that it so thrives upon to be well.

*My heart’s deepest longings continue to emerge. And I love the surprises that my soul and this life brings to me. I do love this work and what it brings forth in myself and others. And there is still more to uncover.

take good care,