Take heart from the changing season

Many of the wisdom traditions invite us to take heart from the changing season and slow down, rest deeply, and savour nourishing foods, relationships, and experiences.

We are also invited to reflect with intention…
What is important to me?
What needs to be cleared?
What is one step in the right direction?

When I give myself over to the experience of savoring, wisdom emerges. Savoring calls for a kind of surrender. We have all kinds of stories in our minds about why we perhaps shouldn’t give ourselves over to enjoyment, whether out of guilt or shame or a sense of fear out of what might happen. Yet we are called to yield to the goodness of life, to bask in it.

Savoring calls me to slowness: I can’t savor quickly.

Savoring calls me to spaciousness: I can’t savor everything at once.

Savoring calls me to mindfulness: I can’t savor without being fully present.

It also calls for a fierce and wise discernment about how I spend my time and energy. Now that I know deep in my bones the limits of my life breaths, how do I choose to spend those dazzling hours?

When I savor I pay attention to all the moments of that experience without trying to change it.

And finally, there is a tremendous sweetness to this open-hearted way of being in the world.
Everything becomes grace because I recognize it could all be different, it could all be gone.
Rather than grasp at how I think this moment should be, I savor the way things are.
Christine Valters Painter / Abbey of the Arts


At this time, I hope time and space conspire for you to be nourished, receive the generosity of others, and savour the light within.

May our practice be of benefit to ourselves, each other, and the earth.

Take good care,
Jessica IMG_2976.JPG

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