Yin for Well-Being & Self-Care

I am looking forward to spending time with you this Autumn sharing and exploring simple practices intended to nourish well-being, cultivate self-compassion, and nurture our capacity to rest deeply.

Yin for Well-Being & Self-Care
This five week series is a gentle and steady practice of simple yoga forms, breath practices, and guided relaxation to support overall wellness and self-care. As we gather together, we will explore yin, a slow style of yoga that invites us to let kindness lead the way, tend to ourselves with generous attention, and connect to natural inner ease, joy and freedom.

Yin is a nourishing type of yoga, that can also be somewhat challenging, as we are invited to explore sensation with curiosity and cultivate stillness. In this floor-based practice, yoga props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks help us to release, lengthen and extend into ease and spaciousness. Variations are encouraged to adapt the practice to meet our own conditions. Suitable for most students.

Self-care is about taking care of ourselves… in sometimes the most simple and basic ways. Part of self-care is giving ourselves a high five and sincere praise when we show up for ourselves… and also giving ourselves tenderness and love when we have a hard time doing so.

Source: Revolutionary Self-Care

Thursdays 5:30-6:45PM / September 14 – October 12 at Nourish
Cost: $69 plus tax
Early Bird Price : $63 plus tax (Before September 7th!)

Go easy, friends. We are all in this together.

See you on the mat,

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